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Laser Periodontal Treatment in Columbia, MD | gum disease treatment, periodontal disease, treatment for gum disease, gingivitis


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Laser Periodontal Treatment

Laser Periodontal Surgery aka LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

The world's first patented and FDA-approved Laser Periodontal Therapy aka LANAP gives patients a no-cut no-sew alternative to conventional gum surgery, with fewer office visits and an abbreviated recovery time. You can drive and even go back to work immediately after your treatment.
Our office is one of the first in this area to offer LANAP, using the PerioLase dental laser, for the treatment of periodontitis. Dr. Mazursky has completed advanced training and is licensed in the use of the PerioLase laser and performing the LANAP procedure. The PerioLase dental laser has proven very effective:

  • Stops the infection
  • Eliminates the bacteria
  • Pocket reduction as good as conventional treatments
  • Better maintenance of results over time with pt. compliance

And because the laser is very selective in its effects:

  • No incisions
  • No stitches
  • No post-op bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Minimal pain
  • No gum recession
  • No tooth sensitivity
  • No lost time from work or other activities

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How many visits will I need?

We complete the treatment in two appointments which are scheduled 7-10 days apart. This is the best way to get rid of the bacteria that causes the disease and keep it from spreading to other teeth.
What exactly happens to my diseased pockets?
You can expect to have new gum attachment and bone formation in most of your pockets. LANAP is the only FDA cleared laser procedure that will actually give this result. Most dentists treating gum disease with scaling & root planning and "soft tissue management" will only see repaired attachment, which is far inferior to new gum and bone formation of the laser procedure.
Is LANAP a Cure for Periodontal disease?
No. There is no cure for moderate/advanced periodontitis. The good news is that we can effectively treat it with LANAP and allow you to live with the disease under control. That is why it is important to be vigilant with the maintenance therapy.
I have seen other dentist ads for laser gum treatments, do they do the same thing?
Unless the dentist is using the PerioLase laser and following the LANAP protocol, the answer is no. Only dentists who have been trained and licensed for the LANAP therapy can claim to treat your gums with new attachment and bone formation. There are other lasers which can be used to treat minor gum problems but these laser procedures have no FDA cleared research to show new attachment or new bone formation after treatment.

Columbia, MD Dentist. Dr. Jeff Mazursky provides Laser Periodontal Treatment, gum disease treatment, periodontal disease, treatment for gum disease, gingivitis to patients suffering from gum disease, receding gums, tooth loss, bleeding gums, sore gums, sensitive gums in Ellicott City, MD, Laurel, MD, Western Howard County, . Ellicott City, MD Dentist providing Laser Periodontal Treatment in Columbia, MD, Maryland.

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