T-Scan is a new clinical diagnostic device that senses and analyzes occlusal contact forces using paper-thin sensors that have pressure sensors embedded in it.

A misaligned bite will cause excessive stress and force on teeth which can result in a number of aggravating dental problems. This excessive force can cause worn teeth, broken teeth, broken fillings and crowns, teeth that drift and move, gums to recede and stress on the periodontal health allowing gum disease to progress more quickly. It can also cause headaches, muscle pain and Temperomandibular dysfunction.

For years, dental occlusion has been largely a matter of guesswork for dentists. Articulating paper (blue paper) does not show the sequential order of individual occlusal surfaces coming into contact nor does it show the relative force of one contact to another. The T-Scan system will measure relative occlusal force and show the timing of these forces.

The T-scan is essentially a very thin plastic strip that is held by a handle that sends the data to a computer that reads and converts this data to a visual form that is easily interpreted. The patient will bite down on this plastic strip and the computer will show a series of ¬°mages that represent the patient’s bite measuring force over time. Utilizing this information, we can quickly identify problem areas that may require adjustment or equilibration. Destructive forces can be managed in the best way possible to eliminate future damage to the teeth.

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