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Porcelain Veneers in Columbia

person with beautiful teeth smilingAs the ultimate aesthetic to refresh a person’s smile, porcelain veneers can conceal many tooth imperfections. These thin covers can conceal or correct gaps, stain, chips or other issues. Our dentist is always aiming for a natural shade and shape—that perfect aesthetic—so the first thing people will notice is your beautiful, confident smile!

What Can Veneers Fix?

With veneers, we can change the shade, color, and shape of teeth. With some patients, we use dermal fillers for something we call “black triangles.” When you have two teeth but don’t have any gum, we call it papilla between your teeth, and that dark triangle in the middle is noticeable. We can fill that with dermal fillers.

Veneers, along with dermal fillers and BOTOX, can also be used to address gummy smiles. BOTOX is used to lower the lip and cover the gums.

What to Expect

Your dentist will first want to find out what you’re aiming to achieve and how you want your teeth to look. Then we will make a temporary veneer, so you can see immediately how your teeth will look once veneers are placed. You can request the different changes you want before the final veneers are made. If you like how the temporary veneer looks, we will remove it and proceed to make the permanent veneer.

No-prep veneers

For no-prep veneers, we don’t have to take any initial layer off. We take impressions and send them to the lab for veneer fabrication. We’ll have you return after 2-3 weeks, and then we’ll glue the permanent veneers in place.

Prep veneers

With prep veneers, we do the upper six veneers from canine to canine. With these veneers, we prep the teeth by shaving about 0.2- 0.5 mm off the tooth. We’ll also take impressions and send them to the lab. Then, 2-3 weeks later, the veneers will be ready and we’ll place them on your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can veneers last?

If done properly, veneers can last a long time if you take good care of them.

Are veneers reversible?

These are not reversible. We can remove the veneers, but the chance of damage to the tooth when we try to remove them is high, so veneers are not a reversible procedure.

How much color change can I see?

You can see as much change as you want, but you will need to decide during the initial visit how white you want your teeth to appear. If you want 10 shades lighter, for example, you may need to switch from no-prep veneers to prep veneers. We just change how we prep the tooth.

How long from the first appointment until I get veneers?

It takes six weeks. You will have two quick appointments and one appointment where we do the actual veneer placement. At your 6-month checkup, we will check in with you and make sure everything looks good.

Are there certain foods I shouldn’t eat after getting veneers?

Yes, avoid eating hard or crunchy foods with the front teeth. That’s because doing so can damage the veneers.

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